Sailing in 2013

Sailing in 2013

Hello, Welcome to my online portfolio.

>  Teacher, advisor and degree chair for the  Teaching with Technology program at Marlboro College. Find out if you are the right fit, contact Kara Hamilton, 802-451-7506, khamilton@gradschool.marlboro.edu
> Co-Facilitator, Brattleboro Area Techies group.
> Daddy blogging over at achydad.com

>  Wk: cclark at marlboro dot edu
>  Hm: calebjohnclark at g mail dot com
Cell: 917-703-5580

In the early 1990s I followed my passion for writing, photography, and technology to the Bay Area where I worked in Web media production and group facilitation.  In 1997 I narrowed my focus to educational technology. I settled down in 2008 from my laptop nomad lifestyle. I’ve been teaching at Marlboro College in southern Vermont ever since.