Featured. Grass saver 2

Grass Saver Raised Bed Garden, Version #2: Functional Prototype.

Version 2 of my project to build a mobile raised bed garden designed for very small lawns. By moving about the lawn, one can have garden without digging up grass. This version uses an old jogging stroller and a direct drive planetary gear motor on the front tire. Any final versions would have sensors for […]

3D printed Microphone protector, Canon Powershot G9 X

Microphone protector for compact cameras.

I made this for my Canon G9-X camera because I hate top mounted microphones. I don’t like them because they are not pointed towards the subject, and being on the top of the camera, they are susceptible to dust and water over time. It’s on Shapeways if you want to have one printed!

Grass Saver Garden v1, on a lawn

Grass Saver Raised Bed Garden, Version #1: Rapid prototype. 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC, & solar panel. ITP camp 2014.

This is a project I made at NYU’s ITP Camp 2014 over a 3-week period of part-time work with lots of help at ITP in New York City. My goal was to use 3D printers, laser and CNC cutters, a solar panel and a planetary gear motor in one learning project.


Template, Learning Management System

I design and maintain the pedagogy and template for all courses (30-50) in the Moodle LMS used by Marlboro College’s graduate school. The key design features are: Participant Photos.  Forum: Help (-ing each other). The “steam valve” for the course. A force subscribed forum for all students and faculty that is designed to reduce frustration […]

thumb spacepet

SpacePet, Imagineering a Robot Pet Companion for Weightless Environments

SpacePet is an imagineering idea of mine to test the first artificial pet for zero gravity environments. Humans love pets. Humans will spend more time in zero-g. Could artificial pets in zero-g space stations provide valuable monitoring and help reduce stress in astronauts? Someone will be first to put artificial pets in space; why not NASA […]


Student Work: Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), NYU, Tisch School of The Arts

Thesis: Born Dropped Out, The Hippie Kid Stories. An experiment in new interfaces for documentary video as part of an NYU ITP Masters Thesis. Users explored a website of unedited short videos of children of hippies who recorded themselves on video answering the same 20 questions. Project was Covered by Boing Boing and The Atlantic. Download PDF of […]

thumb calebopolis

Calebopolis, a famous SimCity 2000 city.

A very popular & often downloaded city for the famous computer game SimCity 2000. Calebopolis was one of three cities featured in the book, “SimCity 2000, Power Politics and Planning,” by Nick Dargahi and Michael Bremer, published by Prima Publishing, 1994. Large Image of Calebopolis City Data on Pat Coston’s SimCity 2000 Xtreme site Download Stats

thumb sdsu

Student Work: San Diego State Univeristy (SDSU), Educational Technology Masters in Education

Masters Thesis. “Co-Discovery Usability Testing with Children.” Usability tested a children’s CD-ROM using picture in picture video monitoring and data analysis. Download PDF. 1999       Emuse. A structured writing tool.  Co-creator and manager of Web site with 600+ users making stories outlines. A structured writing tool for creating outlines based on the work of […]

solar video kit

Solar Video Kit

Solar Video Kit I become obsessed with making a 100% solar-powered, rugged, video blogging kit, with on-board instruction via an instructional video I made and loaded onto the camera. One kit was used in Haiti after the big 2010 earth quake, and one by a student at Marlboro college while in Egypt. The solar panels […]

thumb noend group

NoEnd Group Facilitation

Group Cofounder/Facilitator. NoEnd Web Developers Group. Co-founded a well known special interest group and email listserve in 1996 called “NoEnd.” The group was for anyone interested in the Web – developers, geeks artists, writers. We met weekly in San Francisco with up to 50 folks and guest speakers. At meetings, each person was asked to answer the question […]

thumb tinyhouse

Energy Efficient Rental/Guest Tiny House – Building and Blogging.

Long form blog post: Building a tiny green, energy efficient, passive-ish solar, rental/guest house in our Vermont backyard. Highly trafficked, long form blog post about a construction project my wife and I did in our backyard. The project and blog post were featured on, our local newspaper. The post included videos, animations, hundreds of photos, and a public […]

thumb_ecase & World Learning Instructional Design Consultant

Consultant on two contracts for World Learning as part of the Education Consortium for the Advancement of STEM in Egypt (ECASE) to increase STEM high schools in Egypt, funded by Instructional design, needs assessment, LMS research and recommendation (Schoology), demo course creation, training of trainers, technology/media support, and creation of 40 virtual teacher videos.  […]

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